Photo: Eric Richmond

“Roscoe dispatches the fistfuls of notes with wonderful precision and just the right degree of swagger”

– The Guardian

On Saturday 8th July 2017, Martin Roscoe will be performing a recital of Schubert at Wigmore Hall, in celebration of his 65th birthday.

“My love for the music of Schubert has never known any boundaries, but it is interesting that in recent years his piano music has become more important to me. One of the most fascinating aspects about being a musician privileged to have the opportunity to perform the greatest works is the way one’s ideas and thoughts about these works change and develop as the years go by.

I shall be playing a Schubert programme of masterpieces very dear to my heart which I have been playing in public for over forty years. After the delicious aperitif of the Two Scherzi, the sublime G major Sonata has to be one of the most purely beautiful of all Schubert’s works and has strong ‘pastoral’ undertones only occasionally troubled by drama or sadness. The B flat Sonata is rightly regarded as the pinnacle of his works for this genre, being all-encompassing in its depth and humanity. Although often cited as a valedictory work, finished as it was only a few weeks before Schubert’s death, the optimistic finale leaves us with a more hopeful message.” Roscoe signature

7:30pm Saturday 8th July, Wigmore Hall, London

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