In Moss, on the southern coast of Norway, on 5th June, Henning Kraggerud performs an exciting world premiere – his own composition Equinox, in its new version for violin and piano.

Already recorded for Simax in its violin and orchestra version, Equinox is Henning’s largest-scale work, composed as a musical counterpart to an original story  by Jostein Gaarder (world-famous author of Sophie’s World).

Now existing in a version for violin and piano, the work will be performed by Henning with pianist Clare Hammond, with the accompanying story narrated by Jostein Gaarder himself.

In the story, a man awaiting a potentially serious medical diagnosis travels around the world in 24 hours, visiting 24 cities in 24 time zones. Each location is represented by a musical ‘postlude’, circling round all 24 keys and ending back at Greenwich in C major.

The work has been called “…a window on a magical world …endlessly resourceful and surprising… from meditation to lopsided dance, it is extraordinary”  (BBC Music Magazine) anda fascinating composition to return to over and over again” (MusicWeb International).


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