Henning Kraggerud has released a new album with the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra on the Simax label, on which he features as violinist, arranger and composer. A brand new version of Bach’s timeless Goldberg Variations is juxtaposed with Henning’s own Topelius Variations, inspired by the life and works of 19th century Finnish author Zachris Topelius.

Bach’s Goldberg Variations were arranged for chamber orchestra by Henning Kraggerud and Bernt Simen Lund, using Bach’s own corrections and additions from his first edition. Henning wrote his Topelius Variations in 2017 following a commission from the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra in Finland; it has since been performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Portuguese National Symphony Orchestra.

Henning is Artistic Director of the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, with whom this is his third release on Simax Classics.

Henning says: “Music is always telling a story, even absolute music like the Goldberg Variations. Performance is by definition storytelling”.

For more information and to order a copy, please visit the Simax website: www.grappa.no