Photo: Duncan Matthews

The 7th August 2019 sees the Brodsky Quartet making a very special return to Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, as they will be introducing their new violinist, Gina McCormack, to an already sold-out auditorium. The quartet will perform a varied programme of Purcell, Puccini and Mendelssohn, coupled with Beethoven, Schubert and Karen Tanaka – their ‘Late Greats’ programme which showcases, arguably, Mendelssohn’s and Beethoven’s greatest works.

This programme also takes a look at the intimacy and grief of death. Mendelssohn’s last quartet was written ‘In Memoriam’ for his beloved sister Fanny who died tragically young and takes its inspiration from the extraordinary Op.95 of Beethoven. Beethoven actually found this work so intensely intimate that he didn’t want it to be played in public.

Karen Tanaka’s piece is her beautiful response to Beethoven’s Op.18 no.3 which the Brodsky Quartet commissioned in 2000 as part of their Op. 18 project. Puccini wrote his Crisantemi in one night on hearing the news that a dear friend had died; chrysanthemums being the flower of death.


Purcell, Henry: Chaconne in G minor

Tanaka, Karen: At the Grave of Beethoven

Beethoven, Ludwig van: String Quartet in F minor, Op. 95, No. 11 “Serioso”


Schubert, Franz: Quartettsatz in C minor, D.703

Puccini, Giacomo: Crisantemi

Mendelssohn, Felix: String Quartet No. 6, Op.80 in F minor


More information on the concert can be found here though tickets are now sold out!