Hazard Chase (HC) and Ekkehard Jung Artists and Projects (EJAP) are delighted to announce European management of the conductor Andrew Litton. Mr Litton is Music Director of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Advisor to the Colorado Symphony, Artistic Director of the Minnesota Orchestra’s “Sommerfest” and Conductor Laureate of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

James Brown, Managing Director of HC and a director of EJAP, will co-ordinate the sister companies’ work on Mr Litton’s behalf. He comments “I have admired Andrew’s work since playing for him in the London Philharmonic in the 1980s and I am delighted that Ekkehard and I will now have the opportunity to work closely with him. This is a good example of why our companies have come together, with strong bases in the UK and Germany and a wider reach generally”.