news_2012_03_01Anthony Marwood’s recording of the violin and double concertos by Benjamin Britten has won a coveted “Outstanding Recording” Award in February’s International Record Review, was Hugh Canning’s ‘CD of the Week’ in the Sunday Times and received a host of other very favourable reviews.

‘Anthony Marwood can hold his bowing arm high in such illustrious company with this bittersweet, sinuously virtuosic account of a work that repays repeated listening and vindicates Britten’s faith in it.’
Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times, 12 February 2012

‘This is a highly distinguished recording, very intelligently planned and exceptionally well executed…the depth of Britten’s inspiration in that final Passacaglia is indeed profound, and magnificently set out for us by Anthony Marwood.’
Robert Matthew-Walker, International Record Review, February 2012

‘Has the opening Moderato’s edgy lyricism ever sounded so tantalisingly seductive? Marwood goes on to capture the sinewy vitality of the middle movement and, no less brilliantly, the quixotic moods of the closing Passacaglia.’
Andrew Clark, Financial Times, 24 February 2012

‘Anthony Marwood, in one of the most gripping accounts of recent times … careful pacing, agile bow-work and careful tonal manipulation …’
Strad Magazine, April 2012