news_2012_02_09The artist management companies Hazard Chase Limited, based in Cambridge and London, and Ekkehard Jung Artists & Projects GmbH, based in Berlin, announce a new partnership: Hazard Chase Limited becomes a shareholder in Ekkehard Jung Artists & Projects GmbH, which in turn becomes a member of the Hazard Chase Group of Companies.

The strategy is to cultivate dialogue and teamwork between the partners and to share information and expertise in order to strengthen further their position in the international market, and thereby to enhance the value and service to the associated clients, by identifying opportunities for artists and promoters.

James Brown: “We have great respect for Ekkehard, who is an outstanding artist manager, and when the opportunity to invest in his business arose, we were delighted to be able to do so. We look forward to a close working relationship, to the benefit of both companies and, most importantly, of our clients.”

Ekkehard Jung: “I am immensely proud to be associated with James Brown, the directors and the entire team at Hazard Chase and I am very much looking forward to further developing the partnership and working together to nurture relationships between artists and presenters over the years to come.”


James Brown;
T +44 1223 312 400

Ekkehard Jung;;
T +49 30 2363 7940