After performing Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and conductor Okko Kamu, Benjamin Grosvenor has received an outstanding review:

The Strait Times, Monday 27 February 2012
Chang Tou Liang

“Every Phrase Freshly Minted”

In between all of this was 19-year-old British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor’s original and compelling take on Schumann’s Piano Concerto. That all the notes fell comfortably within his prodigious fingers was no surprise.

What was, however was his sensitivity and prescience of all things musical, making every phrase and gesture count and sounding freshly minted. Like an ultimate form of chamber music, he knew when to blend in and when to exert himself.

The Intermezzo was a masterclass in the art of conversation with the orchestra and the finale’s off-kilter waltz traipsed unerringly and brilliantly.

His encore, Rachmaninov’s salon-like Polka De V.R., offered a delightful sleight of hand. This youngster is already a master.