Hazard Chase is delighted to announce that the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra has been chosen to perform at the Carnegie Hall orchestra showcase in New York City, 2014. The WSO is the only Canadian orchestra to be chosen from more than thirty orchestras across the continent.

Now in his sixth season as Musical Director of the WSO, Alexander Mickelthwate is recognised for his imaginative and innovative programming. For the showcase, the WSO will perform Derek Charke’s 13 Inuit Throat Song Games; Vincent Ho’s The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra; and R. Murray Schafer’s Symphony No. 1. ‘The programme is really our soul…it’s us – Winnipeg’ (Mickelthwate, 2012).

Also featuring the New York Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, this will be an unforgettable six day showcase.