roscoe_gall_1.downloadOn Saturday 5th October 2013, Martin Roscoe joins members (past and present) of the Orchestra of the Royal Northern College of Music, along with conductor, Daniel Parkinson, and host, John Suchet, for a musical-extravaganza! Roscoe will undertake to perform all of the Beethoven piano concertos, in one evening, at the Royal Northern College of Music, starting at 5pm. Roscoe comments: ‘I have always relished big challenges in my career. About four years ago, I played both Brahms’s piano concertos in one evening (a relatively common thing years ago). Subsequently, my friend Ronan O’Hora told me he had played all five Beethoven piano concertos in one concert in Germany. So I thought why not in the UK? I floated the idea with a few conductor-friends and Daniel Parkinson jumped at the idea of a concert in the RNCM in aid of the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund.

I have played all the Beethoven concertos many times and always feel very at home in these wonderful pieces. In the last few years I seem to have developed a bit of a reputation for Beethoven, having now recorded all the piano sonatas and played many of them in all-Beethoven recitals. And then there are all the piano trios, violin sonatas and cello sonatas, which I have been playing and recording with my great friends and colleagues Peter Cropper and Moray Welsh.

One important thing to remember is that in all the concertos the piano has many a long rest during orchestral tuttis and so physical and mental concentration and stamina should be less problematic than during an exceptionally long recital programme, where there is no respite.

People often ask which is my favourite concerto. Difficult!  But if pressed I would say that the Fourth is probably the greatest piano concerto ever written (so far!), and it is also the most challenging technically as well as musically. However, I have always had a special affection for No.3 dating back to my childhood. There is something about Beethoven in C minor which always hits me in a visceral way.’


Piano Concertos Nos.1 and 2:              5.00 p.m.
Piano Concertos Nos.3 and 4:               7.00 p.m.
Piano Concerto No.5 (‘Emperor’):           9.00 p.m.

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