Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

“The piece worked well with Kluxen’s mature interpretation and sense of the work’s deepest meaning.” (On Debussy)

“Kluxen’s use of tempo from work to work was ingenious and genuine, and his grasp of Stravinsky was solid and accurate.” (On Stravinsky)

“The forte sections were stylish and memorable, and softer sections were presented with great feeling.” (On Stravinsky)

Ingmar af Hällström, Åbo Underrättelser, January 2020


“The prelude is soft, feminine, fragile and gentle. Conductor Christian Kluxen was able to portray these adjectives precisely.” (On Debussy)

“The orchestra played Petrushka excellently, even enthusiastically, under Kluxen’s baton.” (On Stravinsky)

Tomi Norha, Turun Sanomat, January 2020


Brahms’ Symphony No.3 / Victoria Symphony / Royal Theatre

“Kluxen managed to find more colours than many a conductor… there was a meticulous attention to detail… [The third movement] was simply delicious, taken at a slow tempo, to be sure, but not overly so… The finale opened with a feline grace and built to a bold and dramatic climax, before finally subsiding into its serene and exquisitely beautiful close. In a word: exceptional.”, September 2018


Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra / Auckland Town Hall

“Kluxen is an animated conductor who moves a lot and almost dances at time on the podium. He gave off a sense of commitment and enjoyment. Each of the movements has its own character… Kluxen’s approach gave [Sibelius Symphony No. 1] overall a sense of direction and drive which gave a sense of focus… This was urgent and compelling playing and conducting…”

Radio New Zealand, April 2018


“Conductor Christian Kluxen did full justice to a score crammed with incident and ingenuity, from the zany waltzing in its first movement [of Turnage Symphonic Movements] to the dramatic rhythmic jolts of its finale. He skilfully charted the shifting moods, securing the perfect balance for its eerie second movement and bringing out the bloom of its fourth…”

New Zealand Herald, April 2018


Manchester Camerata New Year concert / Kendal Leisure Centre

“the vast multitude of tempi changes, the rapid successions of dynamic contrasts, the extensive range of tonal colours…these features and more were presented to the highly-appreciative audience with outstanding aplomb and musicianship of the highest quality… A ‘fun-concert’ indeed.”

The Westmorland Gazette, January 2018


Victoria Symphony Orchestra / Royal Theatre, Victoria

“The maestro, drew from the orchestra the most exquisite “Nimrod” melody this writer has heard live. It began in sublime mood and ended in absolute majesty.”

Cowichan Symphony Society, November 2017


“’A Symphony Titan arrived in Duncan’… [Kluxen] immediately had the audience in the palm of his hand — or perhaps under the spell of his magic baton … There were three main musical pieces in the programme. Each received a standing ovation by the audience.”

Cowichan Valley Citizen, September 2017


“Kluxen led a bold, vividly colourful, emotionally uninhibited performance, one full of character and passion, warmth as well as bite. He was keen to italicize nuances at both ends of the expressive spectrum, and the climaxes were thrillingly exciting. At the same time, his reading was considered and full of insight, and carefully prepared… Perfect.”

Times Colonist, September 2017


“Christian Kluxen, a dynamic, charismatic figure.”

Henley Standard, May 2017


[Tichindeleanu] created a symbiotic connection with his orchestra, who, under Christian Kluxen’s distiguished supervision, became co-conspirators in the collaborative drama … In the last couple of years, the Odense Symphony has developed to a remarkable degree … it is the use of hugely inspiring and gifted guest conductors such as Christian Kluxen which has raised the standards.

Fyens Stiftstidende, May 2016


“Christian Kluxen conducts with exemplary clarity and a rather heavenly warmth. Lovely!”

Berlingske Tidende, March 2016

Danish National Opera / “Madama Butterfly” tour

“The musicians in the orchestra pit played so beautifully, it sent shivers down the spine. The conductor, Christian Kluxen, can of course take a lot of credit for this and it is no exaggeration to say that his achievements will draw great attention in the future.” (Trans.)


Kristeligt Dagblad, February 2016


“A credible soprano in the title role and excellent work from the young conductor made “Madama Butterfly” powerful in Aarhus on Friday. Christian Kluxen has previously conducted Mozart at the Danish National Opera, and his talent is clear and convincing. From the beginning, there was a focused energy, passion and remarkable precision in the orchestra. Puccini mixes Asian instruments with American tunes, Italian sensuality and touch of cool French impressionism, and Kluxen showed excellent control of all these aspects. This makes a strong basis for the ‘Butterfly’ tour!”

Politiken, February 2016


“The biggest triumph went to Christian Kluxen, who began in a confident tempo and kept a tightly controlled flow in the orchestra … Aarhus Symfoniorkester sounded juicy, full and ‘Puccinian’ … The career seems promising for this only 34-year old conductor, who has already led dozens of orchestras.”

Dagbladet Information, February 2016


“The emotions of Puccini’s music can easily slip into sentimentality, if not performed with refinement and control. At Den Jyske Opera, both were mastered on stage and in the orchestra pit. The young conductor Christian Kluxen opened the premiere at a frantic pace, so that one was almost nervous, but he quickly transitioned to a momentum which was safely restrained, and most importantly, full of strong emotional impulses and an inner fire. He worked marvellously with Aarhus Symfoniorkester, who played in a class that one does not always hear – not even on the scenes that one travels south to experience … One listened intensely and it was not only beautiful, and therefore a pleasure, but also musical, so a great emotional experience.”

jcKlassisk, February 2016


“Den Jyske Opera and “Madama Butterfly” is among the best, not least due to conductor Christian Kluxen. With small gestures, he gets an extremely well-playing Odense Symphony Orchestra to interpret Puccini’s tearful music. The strong emotions and existential dilemmas become even stronger.”

Fyens Stiftstidende, February 2016


“With subtle and economic gestures, Christian Kluxen got the [Odense Symphony Orchestra] to complete the experience, loyally and with great beauty, both in the tutti-passages and in the many solistic passages [Strauss: 4 Letzte Lieder].”

FyensStiftstidende, March 2015


“Guest conductor Christian Kluxen’s clear and dynamic style shaped the spirited finale of the Duisburg Philharmonic’s concert.”

DerWesten, November 2014



RSNO / Albert Hall, Stirling

“At the helm was Christian Kluxen, nearing the end of his assistant conductorship of the RSNO… He revealed a connection with the band that was charismatic, confident and impressively competent. What’s more, his easy-going manner with the audience, through a series of intelligent, chatty introductions added warmth to the evening’s music.

Lars Erik Larrson’s Pastoral Suite proved a welcoming opener, Kluxen allowing its soft-grained expressiveness to unfold with liquid charm, not least in the gorgeous central Romance.

Then an extraordinary work by Ligeti – his iridescent Concert Românesc. Its whirlwind virtuosity, fuelled by the composer’s unfettered use of brazen, Rumanian folk techniques, fired sparks of vitality and brilliance in the RSNO you don’t always hear. The chemistry was explosive, the strings at one point sounding like a genuine peasant band on a wild night out.”

The Scotsman, March 2013



RSNO Valentine’s Concert / Usher Hall, Edinburgh

“The highlight of the reading, however, was the music of the final trio and duet, rich and sensuous, melding seriousness with rapt beauty as it simultaneously suggests love and loss. Kluxen has an endearing energy about him which seems to fit lighter music particularly well, but his shaping of this great passage proved that he is just as capable of making something great out of music of weight and complexity.”

Seen and Heard International, March 2012



RSNO’s Discovery Charity Concert

“Another bonus was conductor Christian Kluxen. He has been RSNO assistant conductor for only 12 months but could have been directing the orchestra for years. His interpretation of the works showered youthful exuberance, but there were also signs of maturity, style and expert manipulation of the players. ”

The Courier, June 2011



Ein Heldenleben / Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“The colossal full orchestra, with staggering quality from its principals, devastatingly beautiful playing from leader Rachel Spencer, and Kluxen in overdrive, blew the whole place away with a monumental, glorious performance of Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben. Another one for the record books.”

The Herald Scotland, June 2011



RSAMD Symphony

“Christian Kluxen, the newly appointed assistant conductor of the RSNO, took hold of the young musicians and evidently understood their needs, his confidence and passion filtering through his baton to the orchestra as they tackled a demanding programme with technical assurance…. the highlight was Nielsen’s Symphony No 2, which showcased the musicians at their best, Kluxen exploiting the orchestra’s rich sound to find intricate details within each movement.”

The Herald Scotland, November 2010