Moritzburg Festival

“I was most impressed in these days by the only-19-year-old American Nathan Meltzer, already a violinist of great stature with unobtrusive technical brilliance, a very individual musicianship and a flexible tone.”

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten


Franck Sonata (with Evren Ozel) / ChamberFest Cleveland

“On an afternoon packed with stellar musicianship, the two distilled Franck down to its exquisite essence. I doubt I will ever hear a better rendition. ….  Meltzer and Ozel attended to every contour of the music with care, crafting a longform melodic idea that flowed effortlessly from phrase to phrase and movement to movement. It was a privilege to witness.”

Rory O’Donoghue,


Khachaturian Concerto / ONDIF / Philharmonie de Paris

“…its share of brilliance and virtuosity with a poetic imagination and an intense lyricism that make this interpretation a memorable experience.”

Universidad de Concepción

“16-year-old North American violinist tackled the most arduous passages of Tchaikovsky’s concerto with an astonishing skill; but what probably impressed the most in the first two movements was the tenderness he evoked in the most lyrical passages. The final movement, with its Cossack-dance rhythm, was overwhelming and unleashed an ovation that—on Saturday, in the crowded UdeC Theater—was responded with an unusual encore: the cadenza from the wonderful Poème by Ernest Chausson. In short: an unforgettable reunion with Nathan Meltzer that allows us to predict for him the most brilliant career.”