NH Complete FerneyhoughFerneyhough: Complete Piano Works (July 2015)

Nicolas Hodges’ has recorded this double CD of Fernyhough’s piano works containing 4 World Premiere recordings.

NEOS (July 2015)

NH Ablinger Voices and PianoAblinger: Voices and Piano (September 2013)

This cycle for piano and recorded voices, mostly well-known celebrities was written for Nicolas Hodges. This selection comes from the cycle which is currently 80 pieces.

Kairos (September 2013)

NH Aperghis Works for PianoAperghis: Works for Piano

Five solo piano works from Greek composer Georges Aperghis.

Neos (November 2009)

NH Birtwistle Axe ManualBirtwistle: The Axe Manual – Complete Piano Works

Nicolas Hodges is joined by Claire Edwardes for the complete piano works of Harrison Birtwistle.

Metronome (April 2009)