Świdnica Bach Festival

“Although the ensemble has only been performing together for four years, they have managed to gain much public recognition in Europe.

“The ensemble is made up of gifted English singers whose reputation brought many willing audience members on Friday evening to St Joseph’s Church – which was completely full. Music lovers were enthralled by the beautiful performance of renaissance polyphony.” (Trans.)

Świdnica24, August 2018


Delft Chamber Music Festival

“The Gesualdo Six… managed to extract every drop of emotion, colour and drama from the music.

“Special mention must go to Owain Park, the conductor, who at one point seemed to draw the heavenly sounds out of the singer’s mouths with a simple gesture of his fingers. With the voices soaring and interweaving high above us, it occurred to me that it was no wonder that in centuries past, congregations sitting in the first gothic cathedrals, believed in angels.”

Artstalk Magazine, August 2018


Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto

“Their tuning is excellent, and the experience of hearing harmonies in pure intervals by voices that are so well matched is a delight to the ear.”

Toronto Concert Reviews, July 2018


‘English Motets’ Hyperion (2018)

“For a first recording, this is a superb success. The young English sextet succeeds, from the very first moments, to capture the attention by imposing a new and very particular voice. An original way of singing these polyphonies, which combines an absolute technical perfection – intonation, diction – with an intimate, enveloping and soft sound. So at the antipodes of the clamour chosen by The Cardinall’s Musick with the same number of singers.

“If the individual voices are always recognizable, the overall sound blends in with a superb homogeneity. We appreciate the magnitude of the expressive spectrum covered by this anthology, and the impressive capacity of The Gesualdo Six to create contrasted climates, from the deepest recollection (Ne Irascaris) to the jubilant vigor (Vigilate).”

Diapason, May 2018


“’English Motets’ gives little hint of the glorious treasure trove lurking within. Mustering such favourites as Byrd’s Vigliate, Tallies Loquehantur variislinguis, Tomkines When David heard, and Dunstaple’s Veni Sande Spiritus, the line-up might play safe, but it’s all exquisitely done, collegiate smoothness and blend to the fore.

“And what blend! The harmonic voicing is immaculate yet always sensitive to the imperatives of the polyphonic flow — witness the plight of Jerusalem, conveyed with such honeyed heart-breaking simplicity, in Byrd’s Ne Irascaris, Domine.

“Haunting too is the hushed restraint of Hobert White’s Compline hymn. Weavers of rich and plangent aural tapestries, the Gesualdo Six meld style and substance with beguiling sure-­footedness. An auspicious debut.”

BBC Music Magazine, five stars, April 2018


“The vocal quality is very fine, not to say superb, and when the music calls for an extrovert approach (as do Byrd’s Vigilate or, very differently, Dunstable’s four-voice Veni Sancte Spiritus) the singers respond with an athleticism and a feel for pacing that isn’t perhaps so common. The close miking does justice to the contrapuntal details, maintaining clarity in all but the densest writing”

Gramophone, April 2018


“This selection of English motets proves to be a fine showcase for their clear voices, immaculate intonation and a certain instinct for the drama and intensity of the repertoire, as they explore the extraordinary journey that composition took around the English Reformation”

BBC Record Review


“The Gesualdo Six offer a collection of 17 Renaissance English motets, sung with precision, perfect balance and glowing warmth under the direction of Owain Park. Byrd’s Vigilate is delivered with suitably vital urgency, while Sheppard’s Libera nos, salva nos I unfolds with quiet, stately grandeur. This is singing at its most contained and intimate”

The Observer, 8th Apr 2018


“The genre flourished mightily in England, as it did all over Europe, and Owain Park, the director of young vocal group The Gesualdo Six has set out to represent the English kind in all its variety. It’s an ambitious aim for a single CD—but Park pulls it off. The blend and tuning of the voices is so fine that the group achieves a powerfully full sound. The sheer beauty of the group’s sound in lofty high-Renaissance style pieces like Byrd’s Miserere is spellbinding. The fine-grained texture of solo voices allows us to savour the amazing harmonic pungency of English sacred music, which at times seems almost modernist. It is a wonderful achievement.’

The Daily Telegraph, five stars, 21st April 2018


“A remarkable sense of assurance with consistently high-quality one-to-a-part singing … Hyperion has found a superb ensemble in Gesualdo Six”

Classical Source, four stars