They’re young, they’re bursting with musical ability and sing like a dream’ (James Montgomery). Performing here with a core group of wonderful choral conductors, Sansara present a programme of music from the 12th century to the present day, reflecting on the human aspects of the Virgin Mary’s story before turning to the mystery of the birth of Christ.

From the moment I first heard Sansara, I thought this might be the a cappella sound of the future.’  Peter Philips



Sweet was the Song

Hildegard von Bingen: Alleluia virga mediatrix
Tavener: Mother of God, here I stand
Park: The mother of God
Victoria: Ave Maria
Josquin: Inviolata
Grieg: Ave maris stella


Praetorius: Magnificat quinti toni
Mouton: Nesciens mater
Tarney: Balulalow
Hyde: Sweet was the song
Williams: O Adonai
MacDowall: O Oriens
Tallis: Videte miraculum

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