Photo: Nick Rutter



The Tallis Scholars

Director, Peter Phillips




Monteverdi in Europe

Palestrina                     Magnificat for Double Choir

Palestrina                     Salve regina

Monteverdi                  Messa a quattro voci da cappella (1650)


  1. Praetorius Magnificat IV

Monteverdi                  Adoramus te

Monteverdi                  Domine, ne in furore

Monteverdi                  Cantate domino

Palestrina                     Virgo prudentissima

Isaac                            Virgo prudentissima


There are two important 16th century anniversaries to celebrate this year: Monteverdi’s birth in 1567 and Isaac’s death in 1517. This programme aims to mark both, with a little help from Palestrina, who influenced the former and learnt from the latter. All the Monteverdi items were written in the prima prattica, which devolved from Palestrina’s style, though there are passages of harmonically-based expression which are all Monteverdi’s own. Our programme ends with Isaac’s ceremonial motet Virgo prudentissima, written in anticipation of Maximilian I’s coronation as Holy Roman Emperor. Isaac was a past master at this kind of grandeur, revelling in the massive sonorities he alone could create.