Photo: Ash Mills

The Gesualdo Six

Director, Owain Park


Veni, veni Emmanuel

Kay                              Gaudete

M Praetorius                 Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland à 6

Harvey                         The Annunciation

Anon.                          There is no rose

Trad.                            Coventry Carol

Park                             On the Infancy of our Saviour

Tallis                             Videte Miraculum

Praetorius                     In dulci jubilo

harm. Praetorius          Es Ist ein’ Ros’ Entsprungen

Frances-Hoad              The Promised Light of Life

Byrd                             Vigilate

arr. Lawson                  Veni, veni, Emmanuel


The Gesualdo Six, directed by Owain Park, perform a diverse selection of works for the festive season, juxtaposing modern works by composers including Cheryl Frances-Hoad and Jonathan Harvey with renaissance masterpieces by Byrd and Praetorius. The concert features Thomas Tallis’s Videte Miraculum, a choral respond which exhibits plainchant both in a solo capacity and as part of a beautifully woven six-part polyphonic texture. The group will also perform a setting of Francis Quarles’s On the Infancy of our Saviour, set to music by the group’s Director, alongside arrangements by Brian Kay and Philip Lawson.