This all-Spanish programme focusses on three of the greatest names from the renaissance period. The main work is a substantial 6-voice mass-setting by Morales, based on a chanson by Josquin. Music of this beauty and complexity from the early Spanish renaissance is not so often performed, and may come as an eye-opener to those more familiar with High Renaissance practice. The second half similarly contains some resplendent 6-voice music – again rare in some cases, and again fascinating. Alonso Lobo’s epic ‘Lamentations’ are a case in point. The concert ends with Victoria’s irrepressible double-choir ‘Magnificat’.


A Spanish Renaissance

Morales: Missa Mille regretz
Victoria: Dum complerentur
Victoria: Regina caeli
Morales: Regina caeli
Alonso Lobo: Lamentations
Morales: Emendemus in melius
Victoria: Magnificat Primi Toni

DIRECTOR: Peter Phillips