Founded in 2009, Cupertinos have established themselves as true ambassadors of Portuguese polyphony. Fresh and untamed in character, their performances showcase Iberian passion and a distinctly Portuguese essence. Experience the richness of 16th- and 17th-century Portuguese polyphony in this programme that provides a panoramic view of the poignant liturgies of Lent and of the Dead.





de Cristo Lamentationes Jheremie prophetæ 1:1-5
Mendes Missa de Quadragesima – Kyrie
de Brito Assumpsit Jesus
Cardoso Lamentationes 1:6–7
Mendes Missa de Quadragesima – Credo
Lopes Morago De profundis
Trosylho Circumdederunt me
de Cristo Parce mihi Domine
Mendes Missa de Quadragesima – Sanctus & Benedictus
de Magalhães Commissa mea
Cardoso Sitivit anima mea
Mendes Missa de Quadragesima – Agnus Dei
de Almeida Lamentationes 2:8-11
Mendes Missa de Quadragesima – Benedicamus Domino