Photo: Eric Richmond

This all-English programme of renaissance masterpieces is a kind of Byrd sandwich. It features some very famous music by Tallis and Taverner, while showcasing a tour-de-force from the Eton Choirbook by Richard Davy alongside a beautiful set of ‘Lamentations’ by the adopted English composer (and possible spy) Alfonso Ferrabosco. Taverner’s ‘Missa Western Wind’ is really a set of (36) variations on a theme which is so catchy one never tires of singing it. The whole set is a tribute to Taverner’s astonishing powers of invention and rare in that there was no precedent in his time for basing a sacred composition on a secular theme.

Western Wynde, when wyll thou blow?

Byrd: Laetentur caeli
Taverner: Missa Western Wind
Davy: Salve regina
Byrd: Salve regina
Tallis: Lamentations 1
Ferrabosco: Lamentations
Byrd: Vigilate

DIRECTOR: Peter Phillips