The title of this varied programme is taken from Gibbons’ ineffable The Silver Swan, to which I invited Matthew Martin to add a pendant in 2013. Since then I also asked him to write a set of Lamentations, which will be receiving its world premiere tonight. In addition Nico Muhly’s Lamentations were commissioned by the Lincoln Center in New York for us — so there is a small tradition going there. The Tallis and Phinot Lamentations further amplify this penitential mood. The programme ends with Byrd’s great cry for mercy, which sets the words of the preacher Savonarola, penned just before his execution, adding extra meaning to our title.
‘O Death, come close mine eyes’
Pärt: Sieben Magnificat Antiphonen
Vivanco: Magnificat (a 8)
Muhly: Recordare, domine (Lamentations)
Tallis: Miserere
Tallis: Lamentations I
Martin: Lamentations – world premiere
Martin/Gibbons: The Silver Swan
Gibbons: O Lord, in the wrath
Phinot: Lamentations
Cornysh: Magnificat
DIRECTOR: Peter Phillips