Photo: Eric Richmond

One of the by-products of specialising in renaissance sacred music is that we spend our lives working with a language none of us speaks – Latin. It is an unusual pleasure for us to sing a whole programme in vernacular languages – and to do so inevitably led us to the leading Protestant traditions: Byrd and Gibbons from the English; Schütz and Bach from the German. To these composers we have added four pieces by John Rutter, who celebrates his 70th birthday this September. These anthems show off a side to Rutter which is not as widely explored as his carols, but whose more extended style fits in well with the polyphony which surrounds it in this programme.


Sacred music in the Vernacular

Schutz: Deutsches Magnificat
Schutz: Die mit Tränen säen
Schutz: Ich bin eine rufende Stimme
Schutz: Selig sind die Toten
Rutter: Hymn to the Creator
Rutter: A Choral Fanfare
Byrd: Sing joyfully
Gibbons: O clap your hands
Gibbons: Lift up your heads
Gibbons: O Lord in thy wrath
Byrd: Exalt thyself O God
Byrd: Praise our Lord
Rutter: I my Best-Beloved’s am
J.S.Bach: Komm, Jesu, komm
Rutter: A Choral Amen – encore

DIRECTOR: Peter Phillips