A beautiful programme which sets 16th-century polyphony alongside contemporary minimalism. The mystical minimalists John Tavener and Arvo Pärt are as immersed in their religious feelings as William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons yet they come from very different traditions. Byrd’s dark-toned Mass for four voices inspired by Catholic devotion is set against Gibbons’ more suave and energetic Anglican writing.

Tavener and Arvo Pärt instead look to the Orthodox traditions of the East. These contemporary writers use a direct and powerful approach, ikon-like in its seeming simplicity but immensely powerful.



Arvo Pärt Da pacem Domine
Byrd Mass for four voices – Kyrie & Gloria
Arvo Pärt Morning star
Byrd Mass for four voices – Credo
Arvo Pärt I am the true vine
Byrd Mass for four voices – Sanctus & Benedictus
Arvo Pärt Most holy Mother of God
Byrd Mass for four voices – Agnus Dei
Gibbons Hosanna to the Son of David
Tavener The tyger
Gibbons O Lord, in thy wrath
Tavener The lamb
Gibbons Lift up your heads
Tavener Funeral Ikos
Gibbons Nunc dimittis (Short Service)
Tavener Love bade me welcome
Gibbons O clap your hands together