Photo: Saverio Truglia

Hand Eye brings together a musical and visual dream­ team. Multi-Grammy­-winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird and Sleeping Giant unite for an evening-­length work fizzing with the alchemy of twelve strong personalities. Hand Eye transports us to a Soul-studded jam session (Ted Hearne), the buzzing contagion of an internet meme (Andrew Norman), a high-velocity adventure-ride (Robert Honstein), a shimmering yet blinding landscape (Christopher Cerrone), the flickering and pulsing of ink on paper (Timo Andres), and a warm but tattered beauty (Jacob Cooper)

The six pieces that comprise Hand Eye are Checkered Shade by Timo Andres, South Catalina by Chris Cerrone, Conduit by Robert Honstein, Mine, Mime, Meme by Andrew Norman, By-By Huey by Ted Hearne, and Cast by Jacob Cooper. These pieces were inspired by works of art in the private collection of Maxine and Stuart Frankel.

Hand Eye was commissioned by the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival and by Carnegie Hall.