wheel 4 tunes

In celebration of the Brodsky Quartet’s 40th anniversary in 2012 they presented the ‘Wheel of 4Tunes’! This fantastic event promises a diverse programme of music chosen in an informal and fun way. Throughout the evening the wheel will be spun to create a programme from a selection of 40 of their favourite quartets and short pieces. The music will all be kept at the quartet’s feet throughout the concert and each piece will be picked out as it arises! The quartet will also discuss the music and invite questions from the audience – creating an ‘Audience with the Brodskys’ feel.

1st spin – All the pieces in this section are typical ‘openers’ of around 5-10 minutes long and range from Mozart and Schubert to Piazolla and Turina.

2nd spin – These pieces are about 20 minutes long and again show a wide range of composers from Beethoven to Britten. They are all pieces that the Brodsky Quartet would offer in many of their concerts.


3rd spin – This section presents works that were written in the quartet’s lifetime – a great opportunity for audiences to hear something new.

4th spin – These are the longer, more traditional string quartets of about 30 minutes such as Elgar, Mendelssohn and Schubert