A new way to learn with access to the most exclusive musical training. Unique masterclasses at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime.

About the App

DakApp (Digital Artist Knowledge Application) was born in 2013.

It is a unique and exclusive application that allows classical musicians from around the world to learn through online masterclasses from the greatest interpreters and teachers. It offers high definition video and audio footage visible on your computer, phone, or tablet (Android and iOS), as well as exclusive music score analysis, research and artist interviews.


DakApp’s mission:

  • To make high quality classic music education available and accessible to everyone with minimum investment.
  • To connect every classical musician and music lover, creating the world’s leading classical music community.
  • To support every musician’s ambitions.


DakApp offers:

  • High quality digital content available anytime, anywhere.
  • More than 100 masterclasses online and releasing at least a new one every week.
  • Multiplatform (Android, iOS and web).
  • Over 15,000 users around the world and growing daily.


As from September 2019 Hazard Chase consults with DakApp to assist with the development of the platform.


Project Manager

James Brown (Cambridge)