Brodsky Quartet Projects

Brodsky Quartet Projects

"It is hard to think of another quartet in which the musical personality of each player is so distinctive in character yet so complimentary to the overall effect. The totality was something quite overwhelming. A heady blend of rough unpolished fury, bleak stillness and whispered velvet..."
The Australian

Photo: Duncan Matthews


Trees, Walls, Cities

Trees, Walls, Cities, is a newly commissioned song cycle for the Brodsky Quartet and mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg, linking Derry~Londonderry, the City of London, Utrecht, Berlin, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Nicosia and Jerusalem in creative reconciliation.


Wheel of 4 Tunes

wheel 4 tunes

In celebration of the Brodsky Quartet’s 40th anniversary in 2012 they presented the ‘Wheel of 4Tunes’! This fantastic event promises a diverse programme of music chosen in an informal and fun way. Throughout the evening the wheel will be spun to create a programme from a selection of 40 of their favourite quartets and short pieces.


Shostakovich Quartets

Photo: Eric Richmond

Shostakovich’s string quartets are seen by many as being autobiographical. They were written spanning 3 and a half decades from 1938 to 1974 from his early thirties to the year before he died. The Brodsky Quartet can perform all 15 quartets in 5 concerts over 3 days or spread over a season.


‘…the opportunity to experience the complete quartets in live performance is a rare privilege… Presented across five sessions, the cycle was delivered non-sequentially...’
Eammon Kelly, The Australian

The Juliet Letters with Elvis Costello

On the surface, a collaboration between singer-songwriter Elvis Costello and an internationally renowned string quartet seems an unlikely one. Elvis Costello first heard the Brodsky Quartet playing the Shostakovich string quartets in London in 1989.


About the Group

Since forming in 1972, the Brodsky Quartet have performed over 3,000 concerts on the major stages of the world and have released more than 60 recordings. A natural curiosity and an insatiable desire to explore has propelled the group in a number of artistic directions and continues to ensure them not only a prominent presence on the international chamber music scene, but also a rich and varied musical existence. Their energy and craftsmanship have attracted numerous awards and accolades worldwide, while their ongoing educational work provides a vehicle to pass on experience and stay in touch with the next generation.

Project Manager

Sarah Trelawny Ford (Cambridge)