John Barry Tribute Concert

John Barry Tribute Concert

In an evening of highlights, the lesser-known music from Moviola, music written by Barry for a film about himself, and the achingly gorgeous Out of Africa theme – all savannah and big skies – really hit the spot.

Rob Barnes, The Journal

About the Project

John Barry created some of the most memorable and recognisable film scores of the 20th century, such as Midnight Cowboy, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, Zulu and of course much of the music from the James Bond series; his versatility and originality were peerless. His death in 2011 deprived cinema of a true musical great.   This concert pays tribute to his life and music with a carefully selected programme, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, who collaborated closely with the composer on his later films. Nicholas Dodd is regarded as one of the leading conductors and orchestrators of Hollywood film music and is a noted expert on, and performer of John Barrry’s music. In fact, every James Bond movie from the last 10 years bears his signature.

Previous performances of this programme include the Royal Northern Sinfonia (May 2015), Orchestra of Welsh National Opera (December 2014) and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (February 2014)


Gold Finger
We Have All The Time in The World
Somewhere in Time
The Persuaders
Mary Queen of Scots
Midnight Cowboy

Dances With Wolves Suite comprising…
• The John Dunbar
• Journey to Fort Sedgewick
• Two Socks – The Wolf Theme
• Farewell And Finale

(approx. 45 – 48 mins)


Born Free
All Time High
Out of Africa
Body Heat
Space March
The Knack

The James Bond Suite comprising…
• The James Bond Theme
• From Russia With Love
• Thunderball
• 007
• You Only Live Twice
• On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
• Diamonds are Forever

(approx. 53 mins)

Encore: Most likely taken from the Bond Suite


2 flutes (2nd doubling alto flute)
2 oboes (2nd doubling cor anglais)
2 clarinets (2nd doubling alto sax if possible – Body Heat/otherwise a soloist. In either case reverb will be needed.)
2 bassoons
4 horns, plus a 5th, which would be a bumper
4 trumpets
5 trombones (3 tenor and 2 bass)

Timps AND 4 percussion players (5 would not hurt)
One dedicated Kit Drummer in addition to the percussion line-up. Kit Drummer needs to be familiar with the James Bond Suite and able to improvise.


A Pianist who will need to double on synth – (Cimballom & Celeste)

String compliment should be:
14 first violins
12 second violins
10 violas
10 cellos
6 double basses (one of the bass needs to double on electric bass, and all need the C string Extension)

Amplification required for: Piano, Alto Sax, Harmo

Project Manager

Jeremy Woods (Cambridge)