The World of Equinox

The World of Equinox

24 Postludes in All Keys for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
by Henning Kraggerud

“…a window on a magical world ...endlessly resourceful and surprising... from meditation to lopsided dance, it is extraordinary”

David Nice, BBC Music Magazine, November 2015

About the Project

24 Postludes in All Keys for Violin and Chamber Orchestra

Composed by Henning Kraggerud in 2014, Equinox is a kaleidoscopic tour across the world and time. Comprising 24 short Postludes, it is the musical counterpart to a 24-part story by world-famous Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. In the story, a man travels through each of the 24 time zones, starting in Greenwich in C major. The work, which is a full concert length, can be performed with or without narrator.

Since the 17th century, theorists, philosophers and composers have discussed the intrinsic properties of musical keys, and their links to time and space. These discussions and ideas inspired Henning Kraggerud and the world-famous author of Sophie’s World Jostein Gaarder to collaborate on Equinox.

Equinox comprises four concertos – Afternoon, Evening, Night and Morning – each of which consists of six postludes, making 24 in all. These postludes are written in 24 keys and depict 24 hours and 24 time zones, taking the listener on a musical journey through the circle of fifths, beginning in C major. The postludes are by turn joyful, mournful, effervescent and heart-wrenching.

Jostein Gaarder has written an original accompanying 24-part narrative, 24 keys to a world before it slips away, which can be delivered by a narrator during live performances of Equinox. The story charts a man’s journey through time from the Meridian Line in Greenwich, London. As he awaits a potentially serious medical diagnosis, the protagonist decides to make the most of his 24 hours of freedom by visiting every time zone.

Equinox was premiered in 2014 at the opening concert of the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø, and later performed with Jostein Gaarder narrating at both the Nordland Music Festival in Bodø and the Risør Festival of Chamber Music. Kraggerud is currently working on a violin and piano version of the work, to facilitate easier learning, teaching and performances in some of the remote locations in which the story is set. Each postlude can work as a stand-alone encore, or in a suite.

A recording of Equinox, with Henning and the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, was released internationally on the Simax label in September 2015. Excerpts are available here


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“…Between each time zone and its stories is the music. And herein lie the definitive highlights [of Equinox], which come thick and fast. Kraggerud has composed the music and it is beautiful, varied, full of unexpected turns and touching. He has created room for the individual musicians to shine. It is precise as well as generous and spacious – and a fantastically good listen….”
– Anki Gerhardsen, Avisa Nordland, August 2014

“Equinox is a fascinating composition to return to over and over again”
– Göran Forsling, MusicWeb International, August 2015

“Kraggerud sticks to a lush, late-Romantic idiom and delivers a beautifully clean, superbly articulated performance of his self-composed solo line throughout, full of character and wit.”
– David Kettle, The Strad, November 2015