Office: Cambridge

Lucinda graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Performance) from the University of Leeds in 2016 and returned to the University to complete an MA in Music and Management in 2018, joining Hazard Chase in May 2019 whilst finishing her studies. As a soprano saxophonist, Lucinda studied for one year at the Conservatorio di Musica E. F. Dell’Abaco in Verona, under the instruction of Maestro Giovanni Nardi, with many performances across the Veneto region. During her time in Leeds, Lucinda was on the LUU Music Society committee, whilst playing for LUU Big Band, Wind Orchestra and in a number of smaller ensembles. Before returning to Leeds for her MA, Lucinda worked with Benenden School across both the Music, Boarding, Weekend Programme and Sports departments. Aside from her passion for Music, Lucinda is a qualified and experienced fitness and nutrition coach. In whatever free time is left, she can be found out and about hiking, bouldering and travelling.