Photo: Keith Saunders

The winners of the 2019 Art Music Awards were announced on Monday 19th August at a gala function at the Great Hall of the University of Sydney. Amongst the

winners, from eleven national categories and eight state categories, was Carl Vine’s double piano concerto, Implacable Gifts.

Vine’s work, first performed by Kathryn Stott and Piers Lane with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra in 2018, was announced as winner of Orchestral Work of the Year. This sophisticated work was inspired by surrealist painting Arrival of Implacable Gifts by James Gleeson.

Vine notes that the ‘principle of a concerto with a single soloist is well understood: the soloist is a hero assisted, and sometimes challenged, by the orchestra. But what is the rationale for two heroes? Are they at war, competing, collaborating, or just chatting?’ In this piece, Vine explored this concept by drawing upon the musical prowess of Kathryn Stott and Piers Lane, and their longstanding musical partnerships with the Australian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rory Macdonald.