“…Fedorova has been playing Chopin’s Fantasie for years, and it shows; her excellent performance proves to be the disc’s high point.”

Gramophone November 2018


“…Fedorova’s delivery of the arpeggiated, sequential chord literally shimmers with sensitive inflection, studied, thoughtful, and emotionally compelling, given the dreamy, improvisatory character of the first movement. (…) fortissimi and sforzati project a potent, unapologetic energy. Liquid runs, a defined bass line, and seamless roulades define a most gratifying rendition of perhaps the most over-performed of all piano sonatas, but here in refreshed figures.”

Audiophile Audition

“Playing with crystalline, bell-like tone, Fedorova dispatched the Herculean solo part with energy and grace. Throughout, her playing was beautifully voiced: the melodic line was consistently showcased, yes, but the solo line’s busy layers of filigree and counterpoint were never blurred and always spoke with purpose.”



“…very high standard of performance continued in the second movement and I was particularly impressed with the enormous power and depth of sound which Fedorova produced at the climax to the movement … In the coda Fedorova matched Argerich’s tempo (no mean feat!) producing a piece of blistering virtuoso playing which succeeded in bringing the house down”

Seen and Heard International


“…The build-up of anticipation prior to those first few notes being played quickly turned into sheer joy as the Russian composer’s rousing first movement was performed with equal gusto by Fedorova. Then the blissful second movement arrived, and the pianist delivered a beautiful performance, combining delicacy and passion in every phrase…”

Bournemouth Echo