Felix Faire: Tessitura

Felix Faire: Tessitura

About the Project

Felix Faire is a creative. He has invented the technology which allows singers and instrumentalists to generate digital visualisations, in real time, from their singing or playing – this is Tessitura.

The projections are mesmerising and add so much to a performance, complementing rather than distracting from the artist’s work on stage. The projections appear on an invisible gauze called Holo-Gauze. This imperceptible layer allows there to be no barrier at all between performer and audience, permitting the dialogue and communication between the two to remain.

Felix’s technology is unique. There is a significant difference between Tessitura and other technology that simply accompanies the music with visual imagery – for example, film animation. His visualisations are wholly derived from the music which is being created live in that moment. When there is no music being performed, there is no visual – in that, the images are MADE from the live sound and subtle expression of the performance in that very moment.

This technology has already proved to be very popular with audiences. The major collaboration so far has been with The King’s Singers in 2018. The group invited Felix to mark their 50th anniversary, viewing it as a real insight into the future of live performance. The feedback was wholly positive.

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